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Hair Treatments  /  Extensions  /  Perm  /  Straightening

We always choose top quality products and we constantly look out for

the latest fashion trends. 

We only propose what suits YOU based on face study and analysis,

chromatology, your style and your way of life, as each and every woman is unique!




Hands & Feet Care

Hydration, regeneration (incl. Paraffin)

Natural Nail reinforcement



Therapeutic Pedicure

Paraffin bath

Permanent French manicure (on artificial nails)

Permanent French manicure (on natural nail reinforcement)

Artificial Nails

French manicure - Polish

Strass or Design




Facials Treatments: Medicinal Cleansing / Greasiness Balancing / Hydration /                                                Triple  Action Thalasso /  Regeneration – Lifting /

                                Botox Complex (non injectable) / Eye Antistress Thalasso  /     

                                Waxing (wax hair removal)  /   Thread hair removal / Make Up                                                                  

Body Care: Hydration / Peeling / Therapeutic Clay (mask) /

                  Chocolate therapy / Waxing (wax hair removal)

Individual Water Pool: Cleopatra (milk + honey) / Beauty and Wellness (salts)  /

                                   Beauty and Health (essential natural oils) /

                                   Marine Algen Bath (sea salts) /

                                   Vintage (rose petals + rose essential oils)


Hands only Massage: Antistress (back, neck, head) /

                                 Harmony Aromatherapy (whole body) /  Chocolate (whole body)